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UPDATE: Launching 3rd January 2023!

We are taking custom orders now - Please enquire at sales@fagusantibodies.com

Over 50 Years of Experience
Our scientists have over 50 years of experience in antibody development, purification, conjugation and application testing gained from commercial and academic environments, and are ready to offer services as required.
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Based in Oxfordshire, UK
All custom antibody services are carried out at our Oxfordshire laboratory. For all your enquiries, talk to our scientists directly.
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Browse our catalogue for the latest range of Antibodies, ELISA Kits and Molecular Reagents.
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Welcome to Fagus Antibody Services

Complete solution for all your antibody requirements

Antibodies are specialised proteins that can specifically recognise and bind, with high affinity, to a huge range of molecules, known as antigens. These antigens are usually found in pathogens, and as such, antibodies comprise a major portion of the body’s adaptive immune response in the fight against infection.

The specificity of antibodies and their ability to label antigens has been harnessed to enable their use as tools including selection, identification, purification, and as medical treatments. Fagus specialises in custom antibody services. Our goal is to be recognised for the science we do, to have a track record of success for our clients.

Our team is highly qualified & skilled, we have over 50 years of collective laboratory experience in the field, gained from academia and industries. We provide complete cost-effective services for the development and production of antibodies. Our scientists and experienced technical support staff will support you from designing antigens to bespoke antibody synthesis.

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