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Antibody Purification

Antibodies are now a common and crucial tool in biochemistry, cell biology, and immunology labs. Antibodies and antibody fragments come in a wide variety of forms and are employed in numerous applications. Monoclonal antibodies are usually purified from raw samples obtained from either culture media or fluid taken from a host animal, which may contain many contaminants, including DNA, hormones, growth factors, proteins, and endotoxins. To produce antibodies with the required specificity and sensitivity, numerous alternative purification procedures have been created.

At Fagus we can purify your monoclonal antibody to your desired specification.

  • Monoclonal IgG antibodies are purified by affinity chromatography on Protein A or Protein G based media and assessed by SDS PAGE. Further purification by ion exchange chromatography or size exclusion chromatography can be used to increase purity if requested.
  • Typical purification scales are between 5mg and 100 mg yield of antibody from tissue culture supernatant using a single step with an expected purity of >90 %. Please enquire for larger scales.
  • Fagus can also purify IgM antibodies if required.

Pricing dependent upon yield and purity required – please enquire.

Timescale & Processes

Step 1 – Filtration, concentration and buffer exchange as required, followed by affinity chromatography on an appropriate
resin (Protein A or Protein G based).
Step 2 – 1 week – Purity assessment by SDS PAGE. Buffer exchange and concentration to required format.
Step 3 (optional) – 1 week – Additional purification (by e.g. ion exchange chromatography). Buffer exchange and
concentration to required format.

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