Fagus Antibody Services


Antibodies can be conjugated to the reagent of your choice from our selection below. Our range of fluorescent dyes covers the usual lasers used in flow cytometers as well as common filter sets for fluorescence microscopy and fluorescent western blot images (refer to table).

FA dyes are chemically identical to respective Alexa Fluor™ dyes (FA350, FA430, FA488, FA532, FA555, FA568, FA647, FA680, FA700 and FA750) or Dylight™ dyes (FA405, FA550, FA800).

Traditional small molecule dyesFluoroscein/FITC, Cyanine 3, Cyanine 3.5, Cyanine 5, Cyanine 5.5, Cyanine 7, Cyanine 7.5. Protein fluorophores and tandemsPerCP, PerCP Cy 5.5, PE, PE Cy5, PE Cy5.5, PE Texas Red, PE Cy7, APC, APC Cy7.

We also offer conjugation to biotin and HRP.

Prices depend upon quantity, concentration, and buffer composition of supplied antibodies, as well as the chosen conjugate. We offer two levels of service. Silver service involves conjugation giving a measured degree of labelling based upon our experience of suitable levels for the dye/protein. Gold service involves working with the customer to supply a range of degrees of labelling which the customer can test. The remaining material is then conjugated to this specification. For both services excess label is removed, and the conjugated antibody supplied in the customer’s buffer of choice.

Timescale & Processes

Step 1 (optional) – 1 week – Small scale conjugation trial to give varying degree of labelling.
Step 2 (optional) – Customer testing of conjugates and selection of required DOL.
Step 3 – 1 week – Full scale conjugation, free dye removal, DOL measurement, supplied at requested

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