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Peptides for Immunisation

Peptide antigens are usually small molecules between 10 and 20 amino acids in length. They are generally poor immunogens and are cleared from the body rapidly making it difficult for them to elicit an immune response. To overcome this problem, they can be conjugated to a carrier protein to improve the immune response and prevent rapid clearance.

Fagus has the capability to prepare these conjugates.

  • Peptide synthesis – Fagus can arrange for a supplied peptide sequence to be synthesised (Approximately 15-20 mg at >75% purity depending upon sequence)
    Cost may vary depending upon sequence difficulty, please ask for a quote.
  • Peptide conjugation – conjugation to a high molecular weight carrier protein such as BSA or KLH in order to elicit a good immune response.If you do not have a source of antigen, Fagus can assist you in the selection of a suitable peptide sequence(s) and arrange its synthesis and conjugation to BSA and/or KLH.

Timescale & Processes

Step 1 (optional) – Depends on complexity of project – Design of sequence by Fagus.
Step 2 – 3 weeks – Submission of protein sequence for peptide selection and synthesis.
Step 3 – 1 week – Conjugation of peptide to KLH and BSA, if required.

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