Fagus Antibody Services


About us

Fagus Antibody Services is made up of a team of experienced scientists to provide a complete package in antibody development. We deliver a service starting from hybridoma creation from your selected antigen, through screening and culture, to purification of the chosen clones. We can then conjugate these to a selection of small molecule dyes, fluorescent proteins or traditional labels such as HRP or biotin. Polyclonal antibody development with affinity purification and conjugation is also available. Each part of our service can be utilised independently, such as growth and/or purification of your own hybridoma, or conjugation of your own antibody or one chosen from our own range.

"over 50 years of experience"

Our scientists have over 50 years of experience in antibody development, purification, conjugation and application testing gained from commercial and academic environments, and are ready to offer services as required.

Board of Directors

Steve Clasper

Chief Executive Officer

Fatima Aitbenhaddou

Chief Technical Officer

Gulam Altab

Chief Scientific Officer

Umar Gulam

Chief Financial Officer