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Hybridoma Growth

A popular method  for generating monoclonal antibodies is hybridoma technology. After immunising chosen species with a particular antigen, antibody-producing B lymphocytes are extracted from the animals and united with immortal myeloma cell lines to create hybrid cells, also known as hybridoma cell lines. In a lab, these hybridoma cells are grown to make monoclonal antibodies that are directed against a particular antigen. Producing large quantities of antibodies can be complex and time consuming.

At Fagus we can do this for you. Our expert scientists have many years of experience in producing large scale of antibodies.

If you have a hybridoma cell line, we can mass produce in serum free media upon request, and you can select the specification of your final product, such as:

  • Preservative-free.
  • Low endotoxin.
  • Altered concentration.
  • Conjugations to specific dye.
  • Antibodies in preferred buffer.

Pricing dependent upon culture volume required for requested yield – please enquire.

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