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Monoclonal Antibody Development

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are produced by B cells and specifically target antigens. Pure mAbs can be obtained in huge quantities, thanks to the hybridoma process, which was developed by Köhler and Milstein in 1975. This considerably advances both the possibility for their application in therapeutic settings as well as basic research.

Producing a monoclonal antibody can be complicated and expensive, and we understand that. At Fagus we can make this process easy for you and provide cost effective, time efficient solution for developing your custom antibodies.

Using mice or rats as the antibody host, we will initiate a suitable immunisation program using customer or in-house produced antigen.

  • Antibody titre will be monitored by ELISA before creating the hybridoma cells by spleen fusion.
  • These cells will be cultivated then screened by ELISA against your chosen antigen.
  • The requested number of clones will be isolated by two rounds of selection, isotyped and supplied to you as frozen cell banks.

Pricing dependent upon number of hosts and species, but we guarantee to give you the best price and services. Please enquire for quotation or speak to one of our scientists who can guide you.

Timescale & Processes

Step 1 – Variable – Submission of justification for antibody generation for ethical review.
Step 2 (optional) – 2 weeks – Generation and/or coupling of peptide to BSA and KLH.
Step 3 – Immunisation protocol for 4 BALB/c starts with pre-immune bleed.
Step 4 – Test bleed at weeks with ELISA.
Step 5 – 9 weeks from immunisation – Harvest and spleen fusion for two best responders. Optional freezing of remaining spleens.
Step 6 – 2-3 weeks – Colony screening by ELISA for IgG. Optional screening for IgM.
Step 7 – 4 weeks – Up to 24 hybridomas cloned and cell banked. Supernatant or small scale IgG purification for customer and/or in house
testing by ELISA.
Step 8 – 4 weeks – Scale up of selected hybridoma(s) to 1 litre culture, purification of up to 20 mg of IgG, SDS PAGE analysis and ELISA.

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