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Recombinant Antibodies

We recognise the need for recombinant antibody expressions. Our platforms incorporate proprietary reagents that are optimised for the expression of recombinant antibodies and related proteins in HEK293 cells. We offer a diverse range of packages tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers seeking recombinant antibody services via transient or stable expressions. Our capabilities include producing recombinant antibodies in various formats, including full-length IgG, scFv, nanobodies and Fc fusion proteins.

With Fagus, you can rest assured that your recombinant antibody needs are in skilled hands. We begin with the antibody sequence information, hybridoma cells, or plasmid cDNA, and deliver top-notch recombinant antibodies with outstanding purity and minimal endotoxin levels. In addition to this, our customers receive detailed project reports containing comprehensive QC data.

Our custom recombinant antibody production process involves gene synthesis with codon optimisation, vector construction, expression, purification, and QC testing. With this service, all you have to do is provide us with the antibody details and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Timescale & Processes

Step 1 – Submission of sequence
Step 2 (optional) – 6 weeks – Small-scale preparation:
Step 2.1 – 4 weeks – Generation of construct
Step 2.2 – 2 weeks – Transfection and purification.
Step 3 – Up-scale of antibody production (variable on desired quantity).

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